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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1866739111553592399693886*Justin HardyCamden2021/202210th Grade6 1Cobbitty Narellan
27710963111553592404227877Kody HughesCamden2021/2022Under 162 1CDCA Barbarians
3748041341553592399324174*Luke MorganCamden2021/20221st Grade4 1Bradbury
46611450151553592399654066Rick BellCamden2021/20227th Grade4 1Oran Park Cricket Club
55811645101553592399655558Rob LoSurdoCamden2021/20227th Grade8 1Bradbury
65718882341553592400119557Jaiden DilchertCamden Blue2021/2022Under 152 1Cobbitty Narellan
75614419141553592400486956*Ryan BurfittCamden Blue2021/2022Under 13 Division 14 1Cobbitty Narellan
85517612801553592399324155Dylan ScottCamden2021/20221st Grade4 1Bradbury
9536916661553592399323553Simon NeichCamden2021/20221st Grade2 1Westerners
105217591101553592404540552*Ryan CarterCamden2021/2022Under 164 1Cobbitty Narellan
115017612801553592399325950Dylan ScottCamden2021/20221st Grade8 1Ingleburn
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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