Hall of Fame - Batting | Camden Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
120069166615135923226035200*Simon NeichCamden2019/20201st Grade1 1Oran Park Cricket Club
217389268115135923228186173Michael BudaCamden2019/20204th Grade1 1Tahmoor
3149175740515135923226035149Hayden FergusonCamden2019/20201st Grade1 1Oran Park Cricket Club
4105127664415135923230768105Tim ConstantineCamden2019/20206th Grade1 1Oran Park Cricket Club
510095017115135923233465100Alex FauldsCamden2019/20208th Grade1 1Ingleburn
6916916591513592322603591Wayne EaglesCamden2019/20201st Grade1 1Oran Park Cricket Club
78218056291513592322636382*Kieren RossCamden2019/20202nd Grade2 1Cobbitty Narellan
87712697391513592323054577*Wayne RobertsonCamden2019/20205th Grade2 1Magpies
96417431961513592324697464Lachlan FitzpatrickCamden Red2019/2020Under 141 1Tahmoor
10649696951513592330897264Thomas PinningtonCamden2019/2020Under 161 1Cobbitty Narellan
11629251341513592322635662Taine GilheanyCamden2019/20202nd Grade1 1Collegians
125312615021513592324631553Cameron SalterCamden Red2019/2020Under 151 1Cobbitty Narellan
135117195591513592324616851Tohran di MercurioCamden2019/20209th Grade2 1Oran Park Cricket Club
14505862061513592322603550*Jon H ShawCamden2019/20201st Grade1 1Oran Park Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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