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Batting Partnerships

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1124 flynn salter - Lawson Sutton Camden Cricket ClubUnder 11 Division 110 1 Oran Park Cricket Club
2196 Lachlan Kyling - Luke Morgan Camden Cricket Club1st Grade10 1 Macquarie Fields
3118 Luke Morgan - Dylan Scott Camden Cricket Club1st Grade4 1 Bradbury
481 Rick Bell - Jack LoSurdo Camden Cricket Club7th Grade11 1 Oran Park Cricket Club
5121 Ryan Burfitt - Md Huda Camden Cricket ClubUnder 13 Division 110 1 Magpies
672 Tom Hodge - Luke Swain Camden Cricket Club2nd Grade13 1 Campbelltown Diggers
750 Gregory Pinnington - Jacob Cubitt Camden Cricket Club6th Grade2 1 Cobbitty Narellan
839 Oliver Humphreys - Sarah Howard Camden Cricket Club10th Grade7 1 Ingleburn
937 Ben Gunn - Luke Doria Camden Cricket Club6th Grade2 1 Cobbitty Narellan
1033 Charles Ingram - Barry Ingram Camden Cricket Club7th Grade7 1 Ingleburn

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