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1235 ZANE WESTON - Luke Vella Camden Cricket ClubUnder 11 Division 13 1 Tahmoor
299 Michael Buda - Ian Maher Camden Cricket Club4th Grade1 1 Tahmoor
3182 Matthew Hawker - Lewis Hudson Camden Cricket Club6th Grade6 1 Ingleburn
4130 Michael Wiggins - Simon Neich Camden Cricket Club1st Grade3 1 Westerners
5118 Lucas O'Brien - Nicholas Bines Camden Cricket Club8th Grade5 1 Bradbury
672 Nicholas Bines - Skipp Humphreys Camden Cricket Club8th Grade5 1 Bradbury
779 Harry Feutrill - Nicholas Bines Camden Cricket Club8th Grade13 1 Tahmoor
872 Tohran di Mercurio - Steve Faulds Camden Cricket Club9th Grade3 1 Tahmoor Black
994 Haiden Connor - Tristan Ross Camden Cricket Club2nd Grade4 1 Campbelltown RSL
1088 Steve Faulds - Joel Cubitt Camden Cricket Club9th Grade14 1 Westerners

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