Camden Cricket Club


Silver Sponsor


The Camden Cricket Club wishes to thank First Fuels for their support of cricket within the Macarthur Region. Without their support, we would not be able to approach the season in the professional manner in which we do.



First Fuels is a private family owned and operated company based in Camden. We have a retail facility in Smeaton Grange that is open to the public for the sale of diesel, which also caters for large trucks with a high flow diesel pump.


First Fuels can also assist in the transport and civil construction industries with home-based re-fuelling solutions, providing compliant fuel tanks and fuel management systems, to take control of the dispensing of diesel into equipment, therefore saving time and money from purchasing from retail sites.


First Fuels are a keen supporter of the Camden Cricket Club and are grateful for the opportunity to support the Club into the future.


Contact: Mark 0437 799 066

Retail Outlet: 79 Hartley Rd, Smeaton Grange, 2567